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Humanidades. Menciones en Historia y Filosofía e Historia de las Religiones

Bilbao campus | Bachelor's Degrees Última promoción: Curso 2015-2016

Bachelor’s degree

In this degree, you will study the basic pillars of humanism in History and Philosophy.

Course description

Graduates in Humanities receive a solid background in the history of man from different perspectives, having studied the different cultural expressions and religious traditions that make up the social fabric and developed the capacity to interpret them from a flexible open approach. 


This training enables them to take part in knowledge organisation and management processes, working to promote social change either in the world of education or other fields related to the arts and culture.  

If you study this degree, you will attain: 

• A solid background in the Humanities and related methodologies.
• Language competences to enable you to work in a multilingual complex world.
• A good command of applied computing and ICTs.
• A thorough understanding of today's society, with awareness of issues related to gender, multiculturality, sustainability, world governance, etc.
• Basic teaching qualifications.
• In depth knowledge of a field in the Humanities: History, Philosophy, History of Religion by choosing from two different educational tracks offered in the last year of study.