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The Institute of European Studies focuses its research on the study of the European construction from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a special emphasis on its originality as a model for a society where mobility, multilingualism, cross-border spaces and cultural transfers prevail. It also analyses and evaluates the challenges and factors that determine its evolution and progress towards a political union.

European integration

Research activities also include the study of Europe as an actor in global governance, which fosters cooperation, multilateralism and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Research is carried out by teams recognised as research groups of the Basque university system.


European integration research team

The activities carried out by the European Integration research team focus on the study and assessment of the European construction process from a multidisciplinary perspective. This team has been recognised as a research team of the Basque university system (B category) by the Basque Government since 2007.

The members of this research team belong to the Faculties of Law and Social and Human Sciences of the University of Deusto.

The usual activities performed by this research group include holding annual research conferences and seminars on the European Union and publishing the journal Cuadernos Europeos de Deusto. Its research members regularly take part in international conferences and forums and publish their papers in research journals.

Other activities also include the development of competitive projects. Some of the latest projects are: The European Union Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme. Abilities and Prospects of a Climate Governance Instrument (Basque Government, 2009-2010) and Innovative Governance Instruments in the EU: Impact on Public Management and Regional Competitiveness (Bizkailab, 2012).

The international dimension is present in all the activities performed by this team, whose international outreach is strengthened by its membership to academic networks and associations like Euroculture, UACES or IUCN-Academy of Environmental Law.


European integration research team

Principal investigator:

  • Beatriz Pérez de las Heras


  • Laura Gómez Urquijo
  • Nicolás Mariscal Berastegui
  • Oana Mariuca Petrescu
  • Francisco Rodríguez Ortiz
  • Mª Luisa Sánchez Barrueco
  • Mª Luz Suárez Castiñeira
  • Gema Tomás Martínez

Associate members:

  • Steffen Bay Rasmussen
  • Antonio Manrique de Luna Barrios

Predoctoral members:

  • Aurelia Dercaci
  • Jone Elizondo Urrestarazu
  • David Fernández Rojo


  • Ainhoa Lasa López



Further information

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