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Publications that include the findings of research promoted by the Institute of Basque Studies and works promoted by it.

EuskalHerria Collection


Collection of Basque regional law texts

  • Situation of the widowed spouse in Biscay Regional Civil Law
  • Basque Regional Civil Law 3/1992 of 1 July: legal precedents in Basque Regional law, general civil law, other regional or special laws, constitutional law, jurisprudence
  • Biscay Common Law; Observation of the Project in the Appendix to the Civil Code for Biscay and Alava
  • Agreements as to succession in Biscay law.
  • Regional civil jurisprudence: compilation of the rulings and resolutions handed down by the Supreme Court, the High Court of Justice of the Basque Country and the General Directorate of Registers and Notaries…
  • Biscay regional law

University handbooks

Minor Series

Legal texts

Other titles

  • Congreso internacional. Concierto económico vasco y Europa. Actas del congreso internacional. Diciembre de 2006
  • Hizkera Juridikoa eta itzulpengintza: euskararen norabideak
  • Bizkaiako batzar nagusiak eta euskara: 1833 – 1877: euskarazko testuen bilduma eta azterketa
  • Plurilingüismo y técnica legislativa
  • Legislación foral del Señorío de Vizcaya (1528-1877) : Registro de los actos legislativos dispuestos por las Juntas del Señorío, sus Regimientos y Diputaciones Generales
  • Jornadas internacionales sobre instituciones civiles vascas




El Licenciado Poza de Flandes

It includes the two conferences that, to commemorate the 4th hundredth anniversary of the death of licenciado Andrés de Poza, were organised by the Institute of Basque Studies on the Basque Presence in the Netherlands in the 16th century and the critical edition of the written request to King Philip II by licenciado Poza of an assistantship in the Indies.

See Biscay Regional Council Publications Service

Esteban de Terreros y Pando: Biscay-born, a Polygraphist and a Jesuit priest.

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History of the Basque Country – 18th Century

This is the result of the course organised by the Institute of Basque Studies where a team of university experts addressed several aspects of the history of the Basque Country in the 18th century. The papers, which were the direct outcomes of a conference, bring together a body of new research, brief summaries and/or new approaches to the problems the Basque Country was faced with in the last years of the Old Regime.

Historia del País Vasco: (siglo XVIII)
M.ª Ángeles Larrea, [et. al.]

Euskal Herria, 6

Editor: Universidad de Deusto
Lugar/Año: Bilbao, 1985
Características: 303 págs. 15X 22 cm
ISBN: 84-271-1434-6 (Impreso)

- Out of print -

Historiografía de Vizcaya

Historiografía de Vizcaya. Desde Lope García de Salazar a Labayru.Andrés E. de Mañaricúa y Nuere. Euskal Herria, 28, 2012. 422 págs., 17 x 24 cm. ISBN: 978-84-9830-347-6 (Impreso). 

This work offers a detailed review of testimonials from historiographical literature relating to the Basque Country. From the Biscaj de la Crónica de Alfonso III to the Historia General del Señorío de Bizcaya by Estanislao J. de Labayru, the author included all the testimonies related to old Biscay in a comprehensive study that combines erudition and a critical analysis. 

This is a classic reference, a must for those interested in the past of the Basque Country. This issue marks a milestone in honour of its author.

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  • Exilio e identidad.Mercedes Acillona (coord.)
    Donostia: Hamaika Bide Argitaletxea, 2014. ISBN:978-84-616-9478-5.

Other titles

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