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Business ethics

The Organisational Ethics reseach area of the Center for Applied Ethics combines research and transfer to identify the ethical challenges of organisations and provide support services for the development of ethical competences.


What is corporate ethics?

Business ethics seeks the meaning and scope of what it means to be an ethically oriented business, which recognises itself as part of society, is aware of the positive and negative impacts it generates and assumes its responsibility with regard to these impacts.

Business ethics focuses on the hows; how a business operates and the consequences that these behaviors have on the social system.

Overall, current business ethics focuses on two levels, the individual and organisational ones. The individual level is interested in aspects related to professional ethics and delves into issues such as leadership or professional virtues. It focuses on conflicts of interest, honesty, and autonomy in task performance or non-discrimination in the workplace, among other issues.

At an organisational level, business ethics analyses the aim of organisations, the mission they undertake and communicate to society as a whole, and the values that underpin their culture and underlie their projects and activities.

Without neglecting the individual level, the Organisational Ethics research area pays special attention to the citizenship status of a business. This approach highlights their social role and the responsibilities it entails for their project, activities and behaviour.

The Centre has conducted research and transfer projects in the field of organizational ethics for more than ten years. The researchers’ team combines the ethical reflection of academics and persons in leadership roles to identify the ethical dilemmas in businesses, with the provision of training and consulting services in organisational ethics.

Transfer actions seek to improve the ethical competences of individuals and organisations. The aim is to help them develop ethical sensitivity to identify dilemmas in their daily work, analyse and face these situations based on ethical deliberation and have the capacity to act ethically, in an autonomous manner, even in complex or new situations.

The Organisational Ethics research area incorporates the ethical challenges of the social reality in which companies develop their activity, currently marked by globalisation, technological disruption and Sustainable Development Goals, both to their research and transfer activities.