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Business Ethics Initiatives


The transfer team of the Center for Applied Ethics combines ethical reflection among academics and people in leadership roles, with the provision of training and consulting services in organisational ethics.

These collaborations are carried out with organisations of different sizes and industry sectors, from cooperatives and NGOs to transnational companies.

  • Management Learning Community. Since 2016, the managers who have taken part in the centre's activities have participated in a process of co-construction of knowledge and identification of new needs to address the ethical challenges of businesses. The CAE's transfer activity receives significant contributions from this community, which addresses issues such as ethical risk, the construction of an ethical culture in the context of digitisation or the development of tools for ethical management.

Services provided

  • Training and consultancy in business ethics for Mutualia (2020-2022)
    The CAE will deliver over 6,800 hours of blended training in Organisational Ethics to 222 people divided into three groups: executives, works councils and staff holding managerial positions. A virtual space with eLearning resources and forums has been enabled for all staff at Mutualia. The CAE team will give advice on the performance of the tasks assigned to the Ethics Committee and will provide support and advice on the Code of Ethics revision process.
  • Seminars on ethical challenges (2014-2020) The centre has organised various open and in-company seminars, with the participation of managers and staff from companies such as Artez, BBVA, EDP, Elecnor, Euskaltel, Euskoges Gestión sl, Grupo Urbegi, Inauxa, K2K Emocionando, Laboral Kutxa, Mutualia, Vicnay Cadenas.
  • Analysis of the Ethical Framework in Egibide (2019) Support to the executive committee of the Egibide’s board.
  • Advisory Services to the Somorrostro Education Centre (2019) on evaluating the social impact of its activities using a methodology developed by the Centre itself.
  • Advisory Services to the Nortegas Ethics Committee (2019) on the committee's competence framework, resolution of ethical dilemmas and revision of the code of ethics.
  • Mutualia (2018): Training for workers’ committee and executives on ethical dilemmas, professional ethics tools and ethical adaptation processes.
  • Loiolaetxea (2016-2018). Training and consulting provided to the team in a process of ethical adaptation with a focus on reflection on the social purpose, organisational leadership, professional culture and ethics and performance evaluation.

The Centre for Applied Ethics has signed agreements with several entities to promote activities for ethical reflection and learning and to develop joint knowledge or services.

  • EDE Foundation (2019). Agreement to promote training, research and transfer initiatives in the organisations of the third social sector in the Basque Country.
  • Alboan and REAS (2029-2020). Agreement to collaborate in the research seminar on new models of citizen enterprises, coordinated with Alboan and the Basque Network of Alternative and Solidarity Economy (REAS), funded by the Basque Agency for Cooperation and Development.