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Business Ethics Services

Servicios de etica empresarial 

Support to leadership roles

The Center for Applied Ethics offers organisations the knowledge acquired over its ten years of research and transfer in the field of organisational ethics. It provides individuals and organisations with methods and tools to identify, understand and address the ethical challenges they are faced with today.


The Organisational Ethics team helps companies to incorporate the ethical perspective into their project and work processes. The team members’ expert knowledge offers both a rigorous and practical approach.

  • Team consultancy The Centre for Applied Ethics develops ethical consultancy processes for management teams, ethics committees, work teams or workers’ committees, both in a timely manner or on an ongoing basis.
  • Actions for ethical enhancement. This service can have a different scope. It may range from the drafting or revision of documents and procedures for the ethical management of processes or specific organisational areas to plans involving the whole organisation. They are always developed in collaboration with the team responsible for the organisation or company.

The centre runs training courses adapted to the needs of each organisation: 

  • Open seminars on specific issues. They are held monthly and vary in length depending on the subject. The centre offers a learning-by-doing process, aimed at understanding and adequately addressing current ethical issues and dilemmas in professional performance.
  • Ad-hoc courses for companies and organisations on various topics and with different formats such as seminars, training sessions or online activities. Courses are given both at the Centre’s facilities and at in-company sessions.
  • Training courses for large groups that include materials and online activities.

The support services, both regarding training and consultancy, seek to develop individual and group ethical competences. They focus on the aspects that have the greatest impact on the ethical strengthening of organisations:

  • Drafting of ethical codes
  • Ethics committees. Composition, governance and processing of ethical complaints.
  • Ethical adaptation processes in organisations.
  • Building an ethical culture in organisations.
  • Analysis of organisational governance structures from an ethical perspective.
  • Ethical decision-making and deliberation.
  • Ethics in people management.
  • The corporate citizenship model. Organisations and their aim.
  • Impact assessment and accountability.