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Directica is a learning community made up of academics and corporate managers. Its aim is to identify needs and find answers to help companies meet their ethical challenges

The Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE) understands that an effective ethical approach requires the involvement of the whole organisation. Therefore, this learning community focuses on the organisational dimension on business ethics as a necessary complement to the ethics of people in managerial roles.

The Directica Learning Community was launched in 2016 and is part of the initiatives developed by the CAE's Organisational Ethics team. The knowledge and practices generated feed into other activities in this field.

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Subject areas

Academics and managers address a number of issues from an ethical perspective. These include:

  • Values
  • Risk
  • Organisational culture
  • Scenario planning
  • Dilemmas
  • Measuring impact
  • Ethical management 


These publications are the result of Directica's work:

Martinez, C.; Berezo, J.; Dal Borgo, R.; Sasia, Pedro M.; Cermelli, M. (2017) Changing the culture to change the “ethos”. Poster. Towards a Culture of University Ethics. An interdisciplinary conference. Boston College (MA, USA)

Sasia, P. M., Bilbao, G., Martínez, C., Dominguez, P. (2020). La Empresa como actor clave en la construcción de justicia social: Nuevos modelos de Empresa Ciudadana Bilbao.

Alboan y REAS Euskadi (Coord.) (2020) Empresa ciudadana. Propuestas para una nueva forma de pensar y hacer empresa Bilbao.

Martínez, C., Skeet, A. G., & Sasia, P. M. (2021). Managing organizational ethics: How ethics becomes pervasive within organizations. Business Horizons, 64(1), 83-92.


Applied Ethics Centre:

  • Cecilia Martínez Arellano (Coordinator)
  • Peru Sasía Santos
  • Galo Bilbao
  • Nuria González
  • Begoña Arrieta
  • Jorge Canarias
  • Jonatan Caro
  • Jorge Berezo (External colaborator)
  • Iñigo Puertas (External colaborator)
  • Rodrigo Dal Borgo (External colaborator)

People with leadership roles:

The managers who participate in Directica have received core training in ethics, endorsed by the Centre for Applied Ethics. Most of them have participated in actions in the field of organisational ethics. They participate in the community in their personal capacity and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of what is discussed in the sessions.