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Professional ethics

Professional ethics is an academic discipline with deep philosophical roots. The Centre for Applied Ethics has been teaching the Civic and Professional Ethics subject on the University of Deusto’s degree programmes for more than 25 years.

What is professional ethics?

Professional ethics is an academic discipline of applied ethics with deep philosophical roots that assumes the perspective and language of each profession.

It helps professionals to decide, based on rational criteria, which actions and decisions in their daily lives are preferable to others, based on principles such as autonomy, responsibility or justice.

The Centre for Applied Ethics has been coordinating the teaching of the Civic and Professional Ethics subject at the University of Deusto for 25 years. More than a thousand students study this subject every year in the last or final years of their degree.

This subject aims to help students face the ethical challenges they will encounter in their professional life and enable them to argue why one behaviour is preferable to another.

In this way, it seeks to train students not only to be good professionals in their area of expertise, but also to think about what kind of professionals they want to be, what societies they will build with their professional decisions, and what principles and arguments they will use to explain them.

The Center for Applied Ethics places a special emphasis on the impact of professional activity on the general welfare of society. Professional ethics is not limited to the relationship between professionals and customers but is part of a society that will be receive a positive or negative impact depending on how professional practice is performed.