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Public Ethics projects

Evaluación de OGP Euskadi [2019-2020]

Team: Javier Arellano (IP), Xabier Riezu and Ander Audikana
A team from the Centre of Applied Ethics has been commissioned by the Independent Reporting Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to monitor the Open Government Action Plan for the Basque Country. The plan has been presented by the Basque Government, the provincial councils of Araba, Biscay and Gipuzkoa and the city councils of Vitoria-Gasteiz, San Sebastian and Bilbao. OGP is an international organisation whose aim is to evaluate and develop mechanisms to promote governments that are "more open, responsible and sensitive to citizenship".
Funding: OGP

Rendición Social de Cuentas [2017-2020]

Team: Ander Audikana, Javier Arellano (IP), Xabier Riezu, Ayala Maqueda, Izaskun de la Fuente and Javier Martínez Contreras
The project seeks to better understand under what conditions the processes of dialogue between civil society and public administration contribute to deepening democracy, improving decision-making and generating confidence in citizens. Initially, the team will analyse the ethical bases on which accountability processes are built. Then, they will study different dialogue processes to understand how these interactions change actors’ expectations and public policies.
Funding. BBVA

Dinámicas sociales y políticas sobre las movilizaciones del 15M en Bilbao [2011 – 2012]

Team: Javier Arellano Yanguas (IP)
Funding: Basque Government – Youth Observatory