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Corporate Citizenship

The corporate citizenship model aims to help companies make a shift in their social role towards the common good

What is the Corporate Citizenship model?

The corporate citizenship model seeks to respond to the present time, in which there is a growing ethical demand towards companies. It stems from research carried out at the Centre for Applied Ethics (CAE). It is based on the academic notion of corporate citizenship.

What is new about this proposal?  

Unlike traditional CSR, the corporate citizenship model proposes integrating civic principles into the culture and practice of organisations, which is not something alien to their activity. 

It proposes that the organisation should engage in public debate with the society on which its activity has an impact and that it should collaborate with it to overcome the social, environmental and economic challenges it faces.

The Business Ethics research team has identified a number of defining features of corporate citizenship. The aim is to serve as a benchmark for organisations to reflect on their social role.
Corporate citizenship understands that it is a member of the community and is aware that it is interconnected and interdependent.

This sense of belonging leads it to understand that its contribution to society is not limited to providing goods or services or complying with the law. In addition to its own interests, it serves the interests of society as a whole.

Researchers have identified 12 features that define corporate citizenship . Moreover, they have developed a method to help organisations make that change, reflect, and analyse:

  • How they think they should be
  • How they appear to society
  • How this ideal would be implemented in practice.

Triangulo ETICA 









In this pdf, you will find more information about the ethical triangle. 

The organisational ethics area of the Centre for Applied Ethics uses this model as a basis for its transfer activities with companies.

This model has been contrasted with other social entities, which has resulted in a document that the centre hopes to continue enriching with new contributions.