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Mission and Values


The mission of the Centre for Applied Ethics is to analyse and foster personal and collective practices that promote social justice, peaceful coexistence, people’s dignity and their right to become fully involved in social, political and economic life.

Our work encompasses various approaches. We combine reflection on the ethical minima that people, social organisations, public institutions and companies should respect, with the promotion of social policies and practices that imply progress in the full development of people and societies.

We seek to integrate theoretical ethical reflection and empirical analysis on social processes, their meaning and the factors that influence their development and results.
We carry out our mission in collaboration with a wide network of people, social and business organisations, public institutions and academic centres both locally and internationally. This allows our activity to have outreach at the local, national and international levels.



Two-fold dimension: organisational and personal

The values that underpin our work are: social commitment, academic excellence, team spirit and participation. These values have been defined with a two-fold organisational and personal dimension. That is why they guide both our work and our behaviour as members of the Centre for Applied Ethics.

  • Social commitment: We are involved in issues that pose ethical challenges to the social context, with the aim of raising awareness, providing support, influencing or collaborating with other social actors.
  • Academic excellence: Our contribution to social change is characterised by its university nature and the rigour with which it approaches analysis and its application to social reality.
  • Team spirit: We seek a commitment to the common good through strong group awareness. We carry out our mission through cooperation, co-responsibility and complementarity, both interdisciplinary and task-based.
  • Participation: We promote the involvement of all the Centre’s members in internal decisión-making processes by clearly defining the levels and scope of their involvement.

 Mision y valores