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The Centre for Applied Ethics researchers, trains and transfers knowledge in four main fields:

Our aim is to help people and organisations identify, understand and address the ethical challenges faced in an ever-changing society. At the Center for Applied Ethics, we provide theoretical criteria and tools developed by our team of researchers over the Centre’s 25 years of history.

The growing complexity of phenomena such as globalisation makes it increasingly necessary to have ethical references to move at ease in socially and culturally diverse environments. There is a growing social demand for ethical reflection, capable of directing the actions of social, economic and political actors.

That is why at the Centre for Applied Ethics we go beyond analysing individual behaviour and focus on the study of organisational forms, policies, rules, and ideas that determine the impact that different types of organisations have on society.

We research. We rely on the research potential of an interdisciplinary team that combines philosophical reflection with social research. Our researchers come from disciplines as diverse as Philosophy, Pedagogy, Sociology, Economics and Engineering.

We collaborate. Our approach is practical as we seek to provide applicable results. To this end, we work collaboratively with non-academic organisations, such as companies, NGOs or public administrations in exploring contemporary ethical challenges. We do this through stable structures that we call learning communities to encompass the co-creation of shared knowledge.

We facilitate. The center's transfer line seeks to respond to the needs of public and private organisations in its four areas of expertise. We do this through training and consulting services.

We educate. Education is a key pillar of the Centre for Applied Ethics since its inception. We have coordinated the teaching of ‘Civic and Professional Ethics in all the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Deusto for 25 years. More than 1,000 students receive this education every year. This experience extends to the training of professionals, with the Expert Diploma in Organisational Ethical Management (100% online).

Academic rigour and social commitment. Our work encompasses key elements from different ethical theories and schools, based on the academic rigour and excellence that characterises the University of Deusto. Our aim remains to provide a vision of social transformation that takes as its reference the perspective of people who suffer violence, or who are socially and politically excluded.


  • Javier Martínez Contreras

Board of the Centre for Applied Ethics

  • Javier Martínez Contreras
  • Izaskun Sáez de la Fuente
  • Ángela Bermúdez Velez
  • Peru Sasia Santos 



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