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The Chair

The Chair in Galician Studies was set up in the Faculty of Arts in 1992 through an agreement signed by the Government of Galicia and the University of Deusto in July of 1991. In this agreement, the University of Deusto expresses its commitment to foster knowledge of the Galician language, literature and culture through courses, conferences, seminars, journals and any other activity serving to link the Autonomous Community of Galicia and the University of Deusto.The Government of Galicia, in turn, agrees to subsidise this entity with economic and material resources.


Galician language, literature and culture have been included in the syllabus as free choice subjects offered by the different faculties throughout the University since the 1998-1999 academic year, with a view to achieving the goals envisaged in the agreement. The following goals are especially worthy of mention:

  • Enable descendants of Galicians to know and study the language and culture of their homeland to ensure they do not lose contact with their origins while also meeting the needs of students interested in studying these subjects.
  • Become a reference for anyone interested in subjects related to Galicia, including those who are not members of the university community.
  • Keep close contact with the nearest Basque Country regional centres to offer courses on the Galician language or culture or other activities, in addition to attending any person or organisation interested in subjects related to Galicia.

This university chair is headed by María Luz Suárez Castiñeira, PhD, assisted by a lecturer, Ana Fernández Troncoso, PhD in Galician Philology