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Internships are a key activity in our degree programmes. They afford students (undergraduate and postgraduate) the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies. They also make students’ CVs more attractive, which is so important on today’s job market.

At present, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences has a large number of agreements with companies and institutions so that our students can undertake an internship. Internships can be done both during the academic year and in summer.


Individual internship supervision

Two tutors (one from the host institution where the internships are undertaken and a university tutor) supervise students’ progress throughout the internship period, and report on their progress regarding both the general and specific competences acquired by students.

  • Round off theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Facilitate students’ real-world understanding of the workplace, where they will have to perform, compare and apply the acquired knowledge.
  • Promote the development of technical, methodological, personal and participatory competences.
  • Enable students to gain practical experience that will help them to broaden their skills and enter the job market.
  • Enrich their interpersonal relationships by networking with the members of the internship host organisation.


Graduates with work experience

Internships allow students to acquire skills and competences in real contexts related to their future career.

Internships are undertaken in companies, organisations, public and private bodies in Spain and abroad. This first work experience is an ideal opportunity for them to show their professional aptitudes and, in any case, to enrich their curriculum vitae.

New internship agreements with companies are signed each academic year so that all students can enjoy this experience. There are a wide range of companies and institutions that offer internships and they are gradually adapted to the changing economic environment.


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