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Overview of the QMS

Quality Management System (QMS)

The organising principles of the European Higher Education Area are quality, mobility, diversity and competitiveness, with a focus on the achievement of strategic aims, such as the adoption of a system of easily comparable degrees, assuring quality, structuring university studies into two levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) and implementing the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS credits).

ANECA has developed two quality-focused programmes: AUDIT and VERIFICA, which have set out the establishment of an Quality Management System as assessment criteria and guidelines for all programmes to ensure monitoring, review and continuous improvement. The Centres where they are taught, or the Universities, should have a set of procedures related to quality assurance and be equipped with a number of formal mechanisms for the approval, monitoring and periodic review of their programmes. They should also establish mechanisms to disseminate information about the programmes and their objectives, aimed at students and society as a whole.

The Faculty has a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the directives of the AUDIT programme defined by ANECA. This system is formed by the combination of the organisational structure, responsibility, processes and procedures of actions and resources established by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences to assure internal quality.

The system is maintained and continuously improved by applying the Faculty’s quality policy and the objectives of the strategic plan. Measurement and analysis of stakeholder satisfaction and the results of processes, audits and review of the system are carried out by Centre's Quality Committee and the Faculty Board.

The Dean and Faculty Board are responsible for the Quality Management System and Centre's Quality Committee are supported by Quality Unit.

Strategic objectives of the University of Deusto

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