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The main objective of university institutes is research. The programme at the Human Rights Institute intends to disseminate analysis and knowledge of the current challenges to human rights through projects and contracts whose results lead to relevant innovations for the social and legal sciences. They are also useful to the political and social agents responsible for enforcing human rights.

Research, its dissemination and the transfer of knowledge generated through it, must contribute to fostering the local, international social and political contexts in which the Institute works, focusing on strengthening a human rights culture. 

Research team

Human Rights and Social and Cultural Challenges in a Changing World

Responsibility for developing the Human Rights Institute’s research programme lies with the research team “Human Rights and Social and Cultural Challenges in a Changing World".

Aligned with the Institute’s working philosophy, the research team is interdisciplinary and has a clear international focus. It is formed by researchers from the Human Rights Institute, other University of Deusto researchers, research fellows, as well as grant or public research contract recipients attached to the Institute. The team is made up of people from different disciplines in the social, legal, political and human sciences. The majority are PhDs and PhD candidates from Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations. Its diverse nature is evident from its makeup, with members of 7 different nationalities.