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Audiences undergoing transformation. New types of viewer experience and their interaction with museum management.

Visitors to museums are currently in transition towards new types of experiences defined by a diversity of technological, psychological, economic and political factors which are changing the space where they approach works of art and the framework of interaction with them. The biggest challenge that museums are facing is adaptation to this radical transformation of today's audiences.

Re-thinking this field, which is changing dramatically, obliges us to assume two major vectors: firstly, the viewer’s experience through a wide range of devices that reach beyond the boundaries of art in its strictest sense, and secondly, the social and institutional meanings of what comprises the audience as per their relation to museums. Both the experiential and organisational vectors cannot be tackled in all their complexity unless it is from a radically interdisciplinary point of view.

Therefore, this project questions the transformation of museum visitors, combining approaches and tools from the following fields of study: ¡The Philosophy of Art, Social Psychology and Cultural Management. Engagement with inclusion and respect for audience diversity also form an inescapable cross-cutting area. By mobilising methodological design which combines quantitative and qualitative techniques, PUBLICUM proposes, together with the visitors and museum management professionals, to think about how today's viewer experiences are being transformed and how cultural institutions should approach this subject.