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Members of the project

Principal investigator 

FERNANDO BAYÓN Fernándo Bayón Martín. PhD in Philosophy, University of Deusto. Prof. Bayón is currently a researcher at the Institute of Leisure Studies and a member of the team "Leisure and Human Development", which has been distinguished with category A recognition by the Basque Government. He lectures on "The History of Philosophy in Modernity: Idealism and Dialectics” on the Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the Universities of Deusto and Comillas. He also lectures on the PhD degree programme in Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development and the Master's degree programme in Leisure Project Management. His professional experience includes research at the CSIC Institute of Philosophy and stays as speaker and/or guest professor at the Universities of Cambridge (UK), Yale (USA), Princeton (USA), Tübingen (Germany), among others. His focus areas include the theory of culture in modernity and the narrative construction of group identities at the intersection of philosophy, literature, musical drama and cinema. He has written nearly a hundred articles in impact journals, in addition to two books: “La prohibición del amor. Sujeto, cultura y forma artística en Thomas Mann" (Anthropos, 2004). Variaciones sobre la última modernidad (de Tolstói a Musil)” (Anthropos, 2009). Among his activities at the University is continuing education for adults, which is centred on audience development through programmes at DEUSTOBIDE, the University of Deusto’s citizenship school.

Jaime Cuenca - InvestigadorJaime Cuenca Amigo. PhD in Social and Human Sciences, Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Jaime Cuenca is an associated researcher at the Institute of Leisure Studies, University of Deusto and a member of the “Leisure and Human Development” research team. He works at the junction between theory of art, political philosophy and the history of daily practices. His most recent focus area is the role of eye tracking or vision technologies in the political composition of experiences. He has written over twenty articles in scientific journals like Arbor, Pensamiento or The Journal of Leisure Research. He has authored two monographs: “El valor de la experiencia de ocio en la modernidad tardía. Génesis y condiciones de posibilidad” (University of Deusto, 2012) and “Peter Pan disecado. Mutaciones políticas de la edad” (Consonni, 2013). He conducted research at Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City) and the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Karlsruhe, Germany). A thread of continuous reflection based on art theory and criticism of the contemporary conditions of artistic reception runs through his work. He speaks regularly at art centres and has authored several artist catalogues and written over a hundred reviews on exhibitions in the press. 

Research team

RUTH AHEDO InvestigadoraRuth Ahedo. Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of Deusto, Education Diploma, University of Alcalá de Henares and Certificate Diploma in Advanced Studies on the PhD programme in Leisure and Human Potential. She has been a member of the team at the Institute of Leisure Studies, attached to the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Deusto, since 1990. She has carried out different teaching and research-related tasks. She delivers the subject: Leisure Projects Management and Competences Development on the Master's degree programme in Leisure Project Management where she is also the internship coordinator. In recent years, she has worked on several research projects, some of which the most outstanding are Planes Nacionales (national plans) RESORTES (2013-2015) and ITINERE (2013-2015), in addition to the European project, CONNECT. Connecting Audiences (2016-2019). European Alliance for Education and Training in Audience Development (575807-EPP-1-2016-1-ES-EPPKA2-KA).

MACARENA CUENCA InvestigadoraMacarena Cuenca Amigo. PhD in Leisure and Human Development, lecturer at Deusto Business School and a member of the research team at the Institute of Leisure Studies. Her focus area is cultural audience development, which was the subject of her doctoral dissertation. She teaches on postgraduate courses at different universities as visiting lecturer and takes part in several projects funded by the European Commission (Adeste, EngageAudiences, Connect). Her works have been published in journals like the following: Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración, Annals of Leisure Research, Arbor, Cuadernos de Gestión, International Review of Social Research, Revista de Psicología del Deporte.

JOSEBA DOISTUA InvestigadorJoseba Doistua. PhD in Leisure and Human Potential, Bachelor’s degree in History and Master’s degree in Leisure, specialism in Cultural Management. He is an associated researcher at the Institute of Leisure Studies. He has worked on numerous projects and co-authored different publications related to leisure and culture. He delivers various subjects on Bachelor’s, postgraduate and adult education programmes at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. He has lectured on knowledge of leisure, culture, tourism and geography, as well as “Heritage resources and products and culture" and " Analysis of the Cultural Environment". He is currently director of DeustoBide-Citizenship School and the Diploma in Culture and Solidarity at the University of Deusto.


PUBLICUM AURORA MADARIAGAAurora Madariaga Ortuzar. She has conducted research at the Leisure and Disability Chair of the Institute of Leisure Studies since 1994 and has headed the department since 2010. She is Principal Investigator of the research team “Leisure as a factor of development", which received level B recognition from the Basque Government in 2009 and level A distinction in 2015 (IT 984-16). She lectures on Bachelor’s and postgraduate degree programmes. She is a member of the teaching staff on the PhD degree programme in Leisure, Culture and Communication. She has supervised 7 doctoral theses and is currently overseeing 2. She has worked on competitive and regional calls on serious games which are accessible to disabled people and national projects (leisure among the young and the elderly). She has authored scientific articles in impact journals and co-authored books and chapters. She has given 45 papers and 65 communication papers at congresses. She has been guest lecturer at different Latin American universities (Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil and Uruguay). Her research areas are: leisure education, human diversity, inclusion, disability and the third sector. She has worked on the elaboration and sharing of the Manifest for Inclusive Leisure (2003 and 2013). A member of the Otium Network, she is currently vice-president of the OcioGune network. She is also a member of: SIPS, REDIS, REPS, ANPERP.

AMAIA MAKUA Amaia Makua Biurrun. PhD in Leisure and Human Development, Master’s degree in Leisure Management, Executive MBA, Bachelor’s degree in Law, specialism in Economics and certified facilitator of the Professional Development Programme in Action Learning . A lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Leisure Studies since 2004, her focus areas related to culture are currently audience development and the professional profile of cultural managers. She has worked on European research projects related to this thematic field. Examples include: CREA.M - Creative Blended Mentoring for Cultural Managers; ADESTE - Audience DEveloper: Skills and Training in Europe; The Study on Audience Development – How to place audiences at the centre of Cultural Organisations; or Connect - Connecting Audiences, which she coordinates.

Carolina Meloni González  Carolina Meloni González. Lecturer on Ethics and Political Thought at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, European University of Madrid, her research areas include contemporary political philosophy, feminist thinking and gender doctrine, ethics and critical theory on the media. She has collaborated on different articles in philosophy journals as well as seminars, research projects, courses, congresses and Master’s degree programmes, in Spain, Latin America and France (she was visiting lecturer at the Université Blaise Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand and the University of Buenos Aires). Her publications include: Las fronteras del feminismo. Teorías nómadas, mestizas y postmodernas (Madrid, Editorial Fundamentos, 2012). With Bayón, F. and González, J.M.: Repensando la ciudad desde el ocio (Bilbao, University of Deusto, 2015). With Julio Díaz Galán: Abecedario zombi. La noche del capitalismo viviente (Madrid, El salmón contracorriente, 2016). European University of Madrid


FERNANDO BAYÓN María Jesús Monteagudo Sánchez. PhD degree in Leisure and Human Potential, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of Deusto. Chair/Director of Leisure and Knowledge, Institute of Leisure Studies, University of Deusto, since 2011 and Publications Director of the same entity. Researcher associated to Leisure Studies and member of the research team “Leisure and Human Development”, recognised in 2009 by the Basque Government as category (Ref. IT 587) B and receiving the distinction of category A from 2016 to 2021 (IT984-16). She has broad experience in the specialist field of study on the leisure experience of different groups and from a psychological point of view, the benefits of leisure for human development (personal and social), obstacles to participation and leisure itineraries such as lifelong leisure expressions. She has authored several monographs, chapters of books and nearly twenty articles in specialist publications such as The Journal of Leisure Research, World Leisure Journal, Obets, Revista de Psicología del deporte, Contextos educativos, Análisis Local or Pedagogía Social. Revista interuniversitaria. University of Deusto


PUBLICUM Eloisa Pérez SantosEloisa Pérez Santos. PhD in Psychology, Complutense University. Her research has centred on analysis of museum visitors’ characteristics, the study of their behaviour and the museum experience in general, firstly at the National Museum of Natural Sciences from 1989 to 1995, as head of the Evaluation and Statistics Department, and later at the University as leader of several research projects. She is currently a scientific consultant at the Permanent Laboratory of Public Museums reporting to the Sub-directorate General of State Museums (Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport) where she works on training, consultancy and research on state-owned museums. Over twenty of her works on the subject have been published, as articles in scientific journals, monographs, books and chapters of books. One of the most outstanding is the book: Estudios de visitantes en museos: metodología y aplicaciones (Trea, 2000), which has recently become a reference for research on museum audiences in Spanish. Complutense University, Madrid


Work team

Iñigo Ayala AizpuruIñigo Ayala Aizpuru.-PhD student on the programme on Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development, University of Deusto. Master’s degree in Leisure Project Management, University of Deusto and Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Art History, University of Salamanca. His work on the PUBLICUM project is related to preparation of his doctoral dissertation entitled: “El desarrollo de audiencias en los museos de arte contemporáneo nacionales”, which he is completing through the University of Deusto’s Grants Programme for Research Training. His research area is cultural audiences in general and museum visitors in particular. Furthermore, he is a member of the Castille and León Association of Cultural Managers and has worked with cultural entities like the ABAO (Bilbao Friends of the Opera Association).

Publicum Nerea Ayerbe Nerea Ayerbe Elola. PhD in Social and Human Sciences and Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Business, University of Deusto. She holds a Master's degree in Art Market and Management of Related Companies, Antonio de Nebrija University, Madrid. Following work in different cultural organisations like the Sprovieri Gallery (London) and the art producer Consonni, her activities are currently teaching and research on contemporary art. Her focus area is the different ways in which performance art materialises and the tension this creates for museums. She is a member of the team on the R&D project Prekariart. Estudio multidisciplinar de la condición precaria del arte y los artistas contemporáneos (HAR2016-77767-R). She lectures on the contemporary art market and different art history thematic areas.


Antoni Laporte RosellóAntoni Laporte Roselló. Audience Observatory of Cultural Heritage of Catalonia,
Barcelona (1954). Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Master's degree in Management and Cultural Policy, University of Barcelona. Director de ARTImetria SL since 1998 and Technical Director of the Audience Observatory of Cultural Heritage of Catalonia since 2014. Third-year lecturer on museum strategies, cultural heritage marketing, audience research and evaluation indicators. He has also lectured on the economy of culture, cultural tourism, the visual arts sector and cultural management professions. Laporte has conducted visitor studies for museums and cultural centres: the Prado Museum, MNAC, ARTIUM, CosmoCaixa, the Picasso Museum and many others. He has used quantitative (face to face and online surveys) and qualitative (focus groups) methodologies. He also conducts systematic observation of visitors in exhibition spaces. Commissioned by the Permanent Laboratory of Public Museums, he has led the following studies: “Conociendo a todos los públicos. Un análisis de la visita al museo en familia” (2017) and “Conociendo a todos los públicos. ¿Qué imágenes se asocian a los museos?” (2012); this latter study intends to analyse non-museum audiences. Commissioned by the VEGAP, he led the study entitled “La dimensión económica de las artes visuales en España” (2005). He is a member of the Visitor Studies Association.